Dt. Şevket Cankurt DDS Cosmetic Dentist
Dt. Şevket Cankurt has been practising Dentistry for 16 Years. He excels in the field of cosmetic dentistry and has an extensive list of scholastic achievements in his field, striving to provide the ‘perfect smile’ but also practices oral surgery and general dentistry. Attention to detail and clinical excellance is of great importance.

After graduating from Ege University Şekvet began his career in a government Hospital in İzmir. Soon after he was called to carry out his National Service. After National Service was completed Şevket then went onto open his first dental clinic in Marmaris with his wife Aslı who is also CEO of the company and an accomplished Dental Surgeon. They both had big ambitions and in 2019 they opened their second, much larger modern and unique clinic in Marmaris.

This created good opportunities for the people in and around Marmaris with Şevket’s ambition and passion, the new clinic is ever growing and expanding, however keeping the dentist/patient relationship friendly and personal.

So .. here is a little background information about our CEO.

Şevket was born and raised in Marmaris. 2007 was a very busy year as he got married to Aslı and opened his first Dental Clinic. They went on to have 2 beautiful daughters. Şevket is a devoted husband and father. Family time is cherished. Being born and raised in Marmaris, Şevket is passionate about where his roots lye.

His nature is very charasmatic, hypnotic, gentle and caring and this shows in the charitable work and generosity he shows to his work collegues, patients and people of Marmaris. He is also a perfectionist so ‘if a job is worth doing, its worth doing well’ In Şevket’s spare time he loves to actively support his favourite football team, kickboxing, pilates and he also has a keen interest in fast cars.

Our clinic is open all year round for our Turkish patients and ex-pat community, however during the summer season, Şevket predominantly works along side the International holiday makers providing them with their smile makeovers and desired treatments.

Şevket speaks and understands English perfectly. Communication is the key to a successful treatment. He is passionately devoted to his profession and will continue to strive and prosper.