Dt. Esma Kürklü Gürleyen DDS, PhD - Oral Surgeon
Esma Kürklü Gürleyen graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1998. She gained a PhD in the field of Oral Surgery and Medicine in 2005 and continued her residency as a doctoral researcher. Esma decided to relocate from Istanbul to Marmaris to continue her career within the private sector.

Her main research field extends from oral diseases to oral surgery with special emphasis on implantology, laser application and TMJ disorders. She continued to advance her education through several national/overseas scientific congresses and courses. During her academic residency, she published 40 national and international articles which have 316 citations. She is the editor and translator of two text books focusing on ‘Treatment of Oral Diseases’ and ‘Implant Restoration’.

Esma has also had the privilege to participate in the publication of the Turkish version of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry. With over 20 years of experience, Esma is overwhelmed working with her colleagues and enjoys being a part of a larger team.

In Dr. Esma’s spare time, she enjoys playing with her dog and has a keen interest in gardening.