To our valued patients,

Dental health professionals are on the front lines of the war against infection, as it should be. Our sterilization protocol and efforts are standard, we follow it every day without fail (even before the Corona virus) and are one of the most important and effective ways to protect our patients and team members. Below, I’ve outlined some of Marmaris Oral & Dental Health Clinic’s best practices to combat and protect against viral or bacterial infection. I would like to reassure you that our clinics are still the safest places to visit, and we are looking forward to taking care of your needs. All correct COVID protocol is followed and PPE is conducted as and where deemed necessary.

Our Standard of Sterilization

At Marmaris Oral & Dental Health Clinic, we pay strict attention to our sterilization procedures. Our sterilization stations are visible to our patients which gives transparency and surety to all. All of our clinical staff, including dentists, hygienists and dental assistants, follow strict sterilization protocols before and after each patient. Aside from our strict sterilization process, our clinicians and hygienists wear gloves, masks and eyewear as protective barriers. Anything that goes into the patient’s mouth is either disposable or sterilized in our sterilization station.

Our Sterilization Components


All dental instruments and handpieces (drills) are sterilized in a high-pressure steam autoclave after each use. This process is the standard of care. We also use external biological indicator to make sure every single sterilization cycle is effective.


All surfaces including countertops, dental chairs, stools, control buttons and protective eyewear are disinfected with chemical solutions before and after every patient. We only use medical-grade disinfectant that are specifically formulated to eliminate bacteria and viruses on all exposed surfaces.


Many items we use today are disposed after a single use. These items include saliva ejectors, suction tips, drinking cups, rubber cleaning cups, patient bibs, tray covers, sterilization bags, mixing pads, mixing tips and needle tips, among others. Gloves and masks are also discarded after each patient.


We ensure regular and proper maintenance of all instruments and equipment as recommended by manufacturers.


At Marmaris Oral & Dental Health Clinic, we will not only “explain” to you how our sterilization process works, but we can show you our full procedure. Never be afraid to ask us questions. We will be proud to tell you of the measures we take to ensure your safety, protection and well-being.

During Your Visit

Please arrive at the time of your appointment if you are an existing patient. If you are a new patient or an existing patient who hasn’t been in a while, you will be required to fill new paperwork so please arrive 15 minutes prior.

You will be asked to use hand gel which is available at the reception desk. Please do not put used-gloves back on at this point as it would defeat the point of cleaning your hands.

If you are a new patient, you will be given the option to fill in your forms. Ideally, you will have filled them available on the website.

If you display any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 you will be asked to leave immediately.

To keep cross contamination to a minimum, we will not provide tea or coffee.

Should you use the restroom, please ensure you leave the facilities as you would expect to find them. They will be regularly disinfected between patients.

You will be called by a dental nurse into the surgery and will be asked again to use hand gel before entering the treatment room.

You may be asked to use a mouth rinse. Please alert the dentist or nurse if you are allergic to anything prior to use.

You will be asked to use hand gel upon entering and leaving the room.

You may notice the treatment rooms look bare this is because we are only keeping the essentials necessary. Please avoid touching things unnecessarily wherever possible.

Our practice policy is for patients to pay for treatment in advance, ideally with a cash payment or credit/ debit card. This can be done over the phone or at the reception desk.

The dentist and nurse may be wearing significantly more PPE than you are used to, including full or half face masks/ respirators and full length gowns. This may make communication difficult so please do let them know if you struggle to understand something or want some reassurance. We are trying as hard as possible to make visits feel as friendly and normal as possible, though the strict levels of PPE can make this a little difficult.

Appointment lengths may be longer than what you are used to, this is to account for added disinfection time and the time for donning PPE.