Composite bonding, also called cosmetic bonding or dental bonding, is a quick, minimally invasive and cost-effective option to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

It is very commonly used to recreate and improve a smile where very little or no tooth reduction is required.

No drill. No pain. No damage.

We may recommend composite bonding for cosmetic purposes or to build up tooth structure that has been lost. With composite bonding, your natural tooth structure is preserved, it’s pain-free and no drilling is necessary.

Your dentist will add a tooth-colored resin to your teeth to enhance their appearance. This material is carefully contoured into the desired shape, hardened, and polished.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

Improves irregularly shaped teeth

Repairs damaged, broken or chipped tooth

Closes gaps between teeth

Enhances appearance of slightly crooked teeth

Ideal for improving the overall beauty of a smile

Made to naturally match the color of adjacent teeth

Made from safe, long-lasting material

Reversible and can be altered if needed

Completed in one appointment

Long-lasting Quality Results

In the hands of a skilled dentist and with your proper care, the results can last for many years. Touch ups may be done as necessary.

Bonding, just like veneers, crowns or your natural tooth, may break under constant pressure. Avoid chewing on hard food and avoid bad oral habits such as chewing your fingernails, pens, or using your teeth as a tool to open bottles, etc.

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly to keep your overall health in top condition.