Iain McGowan 2 years ago
Just returned from a holiday in turkey.when there me and my wife visited sevek to have some dental work done we both had full upper mouth makeovers I've never felt so at ease in a dentist as I did here the surgery was by far the cleanest and most welcoming I've ever been in abroad or in the UK the staff were all very attentive and seveks wife who also works here did some work on us I I've never been more at ease the gentlist dentist ever we will be going back next year for bottom teeth can't wait best dentist in the world can't wait to see all the staff again thanks again you guys we cant stop smiling Amazing

Alison Thompson 2 years ago
Just got back from having a full set of zirconia crowns done with sevket and all his staff would just like to thank him for such a wonderful job he has done for me before I didn't want to smile nut now I just want to smile all the time all the staff are wonderful people and they make you feel so comfortable so thank-you again to all the staff in the clinic you have done a beautiful job and will be back to see you next year xx Wonderful experience

Daniel Rickerby 2 years ago
I had an accident and broke 2 of my front teeth at the top. I needed 4 crowns on my front top teeth and the dentist recommended Zirconia Crowns so they could look as good as possible. I went for an appointment while on holiday in Marmaris and went straight ahead with it. The procedure was fairly quick and painless. I now feel very confident and happy with my smile and all my friends and family agree that they look really good. For the 4 teeth, it cost me 640 British pounds and I am very happy with this price. It is less than half the price of my cheapest U.K quote. The clinic is very modern and clean. All the equipment looks new. Staff is friendly and reassuring. They spent a long time prior to the treatment discussing my options and prices and even weeks afterward my dentist was making sure everything was ok.

Michael Hunnikin 2 years ago
Had 2 crowns fitted, very satisfied with results and cost Excellent service from all concerned at the clinic, the dentist was fluent in English and explained the procedure of work very clearly.would highly recommend this clinic

Sandra Smith 2 years ago
Teeth bonded amazing treatment I received I waited for 40yrs to smile and have not stopped I would highly recommend anybody to visit this clinic This clinic puts our clinics in U.K. To shame its spotless the staff are so friendly you are made to feel so welcome it's brilliant I'm so pleased I went amazing job done on my teeth

Anne Marie Graham 2 years ago
Sevket Cankurt! Fabulous! I am home with perfect bridgework and extremely happy. From start to finish it was treated very well and Sevket was aware of my terror of the drilling! He could not have been more patient and understanding with me. I was picked up and dropped off by taXi for my two appointments. Sevket is STILL contacting me to make sure I'm OK. I am going back to him in September. Highly recommended.

Vicki Edgar 2 years ago
Full set upper crowns, 5 lower crowns, 3 fillings replaced white, remaining teeth bleached and cleaned. I could not recommend this dentist enough. I came from Liverpool and the next day he sent a taxi to pick me up and drop me off for each appointment. The first day is the longest as you wait for temporary teeth to be made whilst you wait. I must say I am a total pest and have anxiety, this dentist helped me with everything. He was so calm and patient with me. I thought the temporary teeth were good, until I saw the completed set. What can I say this man is a genius! He is amazing at his job. I have had nothing but positive feedback from people since I have been here. I would highly recommend.

Christian Reynolds 2 years ago
I planned my treatment from the UK. The support and advice were excellent. I then traveled to Turkey and had a new bridge, crown, filling and bonding on my front teeth. The service provided was excellent and the patient cares the best I have had.

Kay Ford 2 years ago
I had 20 crowns,10 top, and 10 at the bottom, also a couple of extractions, service was second to none. I would recommend this clinic. Very good value, can't rate high enough. Thankyou. My experience was excellent. I have always been very nervous at the dentist but not at this clinic. I felt comfortable, even to the point of feeling sleepy in the chair and that was without sedation! I chose this clinic after seeing reviews and testimonials from previous patients. First impressions on clinic were friendly and professional, care and consideration at all times. Anyone who is considering treatment, do not hesitate, I am so happy I went ahead with it. A big thank you to you all.

Alfie Springthorpe 2 years ago
I had one root canal treatment and 6 Porcelien crowns. The profession was 10/10 the comfort, 10/10 the teeth and 12/10, such very nice people and such professionals at their work. Fully recommended.

Diana Milne 2 years ago
Delighted with the end result. I've had a huge phobia of dentists all my life and this gentleman has put an end to that. I'll definitely return for an annual check up. Excellent service from start to finish. I was collected by taxi from the hotel and dropped off for every appointment. Friendly, welcoming staff and nice relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. Great communication throughout including an on going WhatsApp group where I can ask any questions. Highly recommend, especially if you have a genuine fear of dentists.

Emma Deacon 2 years ago
I went to have my teeth whitened. I was a little unsure what would happen, it was one of the nicest dentists I have ever been to. Very clean, very professional and the staff were really friendly. I was made to feel welcome.

Lorraine Thomas 2 years ago
Old veneers were removed and replaced and a three tooth bridge on my top teeth. The old ones were nowhere near as good as the new which was done by another dentist. Worth every penny. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and have sent friends there already. The clinic was very clean and hygienic with an up to date and comfortable setting. The staff and the dentists were very friendly, accommodating and understanding and their understanding of English was very good. As I was on holiday my limited time was catered for and they were able to give me exactly what I required. I will be back when my bottom set needs replacing. Thank you Sevket and the rest of your staff.

Natalie Myles 2 years ago
Excellent service from Sevekt from start to finish. I was listened to on what I needed and wanted and reassured on the process and with no pain. All the staff were welcoming and friendly, and what I was dreading became an ok experience. I felt no fear for my return visit! I will be revisiting this surgery and this wonderful dentist! Clinic was spotless, and welcoming. Much better than the UK.

Pia Hansen 2 years ago
Mr. Sevket was my dentist. Very calm and took good care of me while being nervous, to begin with. He made sure I was okay all the time. He made my teeth and now I smile all the time. The clinic is a warm heart filled place. All staff is so kind and always helpful. A very clean but at the same time a cozy clinic. All my recommendations go to the clinic Sevket Cankurt. Not even kids cry here everyone smiles.

Sandra Collins 2 years ago
I had 3 failing implants (from the UK). They were incredibly uncomfortable and I didn't want them to be completely removed at this time. I had a partial denture for 1 top tooth and 2 bottom teeth that I could not bear. I had various crowns and bridges, and in fact my mouth was a complete mess. Sevket removed all the old crowns and bridges and bridged my complete mouth. I am absolutely delighted with his work and it was completely affordable. I also liked that I wanted him to make my teeth in the shape of my own and not too white (my personal preference). The work was exactly what I wanted with absolutely no fuss. I recommended my friend who had work done at the same time, and my daughter, who had implants. We were all delighted. The clinic was absolutely spotless, beautifully decorated and calm. My first impression was one of efficiency and calm and that nothing would be too much bother. We were picked up and dropped off at our hotel. The times were suited around us and any questions to Sevket by text were answered very quickly. I personally had 4 visits to the clinic. I absolutely know that it would have been about 12k in the UK. All the staff and nurses were absolutely charming

Tracey Fry 2 years ago
Very nervous to start but as soon as I met the team and the Dentist explained what he would do I started to feel at home. I had 6 veneers and a bridge and can honestly say I am extremely pleased with the result. Fantastic. Clean and the team are great. Sevet was absolutely brilliant, I can't recommend them enough.

Terry Campbell 2 years ago
A fantastic experience and very pleased with the end result. Great facilities, welcoming and caring staff. Thanks for taking good care of me. Professional and very efficiently run operation.

George Rogers 2 years ago
I went for full veneers with Sevket, He was very pleasant and welcoming. I'm very happy with my new teeth. The procedure wasn't too painful, although I experienced some sensitivity after the finished result which lasted around 2 weeks. I was reassured about this that it is perfectly normal. Just had to be aware of hot/colds foods. Sevket made sure I was 100% happy with the final result and shaped and adjusted anything I felt was needed in order to have my perfect smile. I felt at ease throughout - Thank you! The clinic is very clean and all the staff are so friendly and welcoming!! A very professional service.

Caroline Palmer 2 years ago
I had porcelain crowns with 2 fixed bridges with extractions on top and bottom. From the minute you walk through the door to the minute you leave you are made to feel welcome and at ease. The clinic is clean, the staff friendly & helpful and Sevket's dedication to his work shows beyond words. I really can not thank them enough for what they have done and would highly recommend anyone wanting work done to pay a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Susan Jaques 2 years ago
My teeth were probably in average condition. I was never happy with them particularly the colour, thus I would always keep my mouth closed when smiling. Being in England and after several months of email consultation with Sevket. I travelled to Marmaris in March this year where I had 22 crowns, some bridge work and several extractions. Now I am so very pleased with my teeth and cannot stop smiling. Marmaris Dental Office and Sevket Cankurt were recommended to me by someone I knew. I found the clinic and staff to be absolutely first class. Such cosmetic dentistry in England is very expensive and although this treatment was a great value, the level of care and attention was truly excellent.

Sarah Mawer 2 years ago
I needed a 13year old implant and bridge to cover removed. The gap next to it (these were on the left side) and had reseeding gums which resulted in deterioration of my top front teeth around the gum line. I wanted my teeth to look natural like they would have 10 years ago if I'd looked after them properly. I did not want the fashionable veneer type look where teeth are quite big and pronounced. The bridge and implant removal in the UK would have cost more than the total cost of all the work and the all inclusive holidays for me and my daughter. I had a 4 crown bridge with metal infused porcelains and 6 x zirconia crowns at the front top and just had bonding on the remaining top teeth at the back on the right. This was all the strong, healthy teeth were retained whilst getting a great, natural smile. I am so happy and the work was only completed 10 days ago, but the bridge has settled well. I am a very happy customer and will be back when I need more work. Sevket was amazing. He really listened and gave me exactly what I asked for. I was very nervous about the final look, he reassured me every step of the way and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The surgery was spotless and Sevket ensured all work was completed in a timely manner around my commitment to my daughter in regards to it being her holiday too. I couldn't recommend him highly enough and have already recommended to 2 very close friends.

Shirley Dutton 2 years ago
I cannot praise this dental clinic enough. Spotlessly clean, staff amazing and the main man himself Sevket puts you so much at ease. I have had teeth whitening that was perfect, I also had my front teeth bonded as I don't want them veneered at this time and the results were amazing. Every time I go to Marmaris I go for my checkup, so much better than the UK and a lot cheaper. My experience would be 10 out of 10. Amazing dentist so helpful. I never thought visiting a dentist would be such a nice experience and nothing at all to be afraid at all.

Connor Burrell 2 years ago
Zirconia crowns. Painless and stress-free. Knew everything that was happening step by step and they made sure I was only every step of the way.

Lesley Emery 2 years ago
I had a bridge removed at a NHS dentist and assumed they would replace but they said my teeth underneath needed extracting so my option was dentures or implants at 2.5k each. I had the dentures but only wore them once! I have been backwards and forwards to Turkey for 12 years but never had any work done before but couldn't stand walking round with no teeth on the one side of my mouth, so I went for it! I had my first consultation with Sevket over what's app and a rough idea of what I wanted doing and what Sevket recommended, if possible when panoramic x-rays were done. Then I booked my appointment, flight and apartment ( each visit needed 10 days). A taxi picked me up and dropped me off after every visit. Everyone was so friendly and lovely to me. In October I had the implants put into my gum and the rest of the top teeth crowned with zirconium porcelain crowns. I returned on 10th April and had the implants finished and all of my bottom teeth crowned plus two bridges, where I had had two extractions in previous years. I had a couple of aching gum days but paracetamol solves that, the injections. I mostly didn't feel as they use a spray first, which personally I have never had in the UK before, but then I've never gone private so don't know if they do do it here or not. The clinic was spotlessly clean and you wear plastic covers over your shoes to enter. They had all the latest equipment and Sevket is so very clever at designing the shape of your new teeth. He also recommended me to have a natural white colour instead of the Hollywood white, as it would look more natural which I went with. But could have had whatever I wanted in between the treatments I had temporary crowns on, so I never had to walk round looking terrible. I paid some of the money in October and the rest in April, but I was never asked when I was paying it how much they wanted in one go. It was professional, the whole team really like working with each other and are always singing or dancing and it all helps with the atmosphere. I am thrilled with my new teeth! I've shown everyone I know, even in the school playground when I picked my granddaughter up from school. Everyone thinks they are amazing and look natural. Excellent! I cannot recommend Sevket highly enough and the lovely ladies. If anyone wants to ask me anything, I'm more than happy to answer about my experience!

Bernadette Reynolds 2 years ago
My daughters and I was going to Marmaris for 2 weeks holidays so I decided to check out dentists. I chose this dentist from previous good reviews. My daughters had fillings and cleaning. I had cleaning, whitening and new dentures. We were warmly welcomed. We were collected from our hotel & dropped back afterwards. The service was excellent from start to finish. I am normally very nervous when attending the dentist but Sevket and his wife were very calming. We all couldn't be happier with the work that we had done. Even when I had to cancel an appointment due to a tummy bug they fitted me in again without any hassle. I would strongly recommend Sevket and his team.

Gary Westwell 2 years ago
The very good treatment. My daughter is very pleased, she has her smile back. Very nice dentist. The chipped front tooth on the side. Put out sos and guy replied straight away. Booked us in the day after. My daughter was mortified and said she looked like nanny Mc Fee. She now has her smile back and next ten days will be great now. Again great work on repair. Thank you. Excellent. Very nice and skilled dentist. Very good price also. Would recommend. Especially kids.

Annette Walton 2 years ago
This is my first day staying in Marmaris. I fell over and broke my front tooth. I was recommended to this dentist to have a look. I had the work done to my tooth and it looks brand new, can't even tell I had broken it. They had time and patience for me as I'm very nervous of dentists. Fantastic would highly recommend.

Stewart Inglis 2 years ago
My new smile has given me new confidence. Almost 50 years with gaps in my teeth and my 2 front teeth recently broke, damaged. Treated for 12 veneers. I was very nervous at first but was all worth it and completed within 6 days. It was good value at 1600 British pound and Sevket was very reassuring. Contacted Sevket in advance of my holiday and he arranged free consultation and advice. The clinic very clean with friendly staff and the doctor explained everything carefully. There was no pressure at all, he told me to think over a few days. I am glad I made the choice. Everyone is impressed with the new me and my new smile, I will visit next year for a checkup.

Annemarie Mackenzie 2 years ago
I had 17 metal and porcelain crown the treatment was amazing. I am very happy with my teeth I am going back to have my back teeth done, Sevket is totally amazing. Both Sevket and his staff are very professional. I am no good in a dentist chair but they made me feel so at ease. The surgery is spotless and makes British surgerys look Victorian would never step inside a British surgery again I would rather fly to Turkey and make an appointment with Sevket. I highly recommended him.

Lorraine 5 years ago
I wanted teeth zirconium veneers after losing 6 stone in weigh and soon coming up to my 50th birthday. I contacted many dentists in marmaris but this gentleman stood out from the crowd. He ordered me a taxi for the following day. Treatment commenced within 1 hour. Due to feeling so at ease and relaxed, I had 15 zirconium teeth veneers. Such a gent, and painless treatment. I saved so much money, going back for 4 more teeth done in may 2016. He also speaks very good English. You put covers on your shoes when you enter the building. This man is a perfectionist. He will not do treatment that you do not need. If you are scared etc, this is the man you need. Thank you so much. You''re a very nice man. Thanks again.

Tine 5 years ago
I have been working in Marmaris for over 4 years and this was the clinic I would recommend for any of my guests coming to visit Mrm. I went there to talk with them and see if everything were as it should be and I can only say one thing - It was..:-) I booked a consultation right away and I was having my teeth checked for any problems since it is very expensive in Denmark where I come from.. Everything got checked and had fillings and a great teeth whitening as well ..Had been thinking to do many times while in DK but hence the prices here I chose not to, so when I found out the prices for this clinic along with professional and talented dentists I went for it..:-)) I never had any problems afterwards and the treatment itself were unbelievably professional and very well done.. Many of my guests also came back and told me what a good experience they had while visiting Sevket who is the dentist there as well as his wife.. Never got any complaints from there and since I, myself is very picky when it comes to dentist, I'm so happy to have found this place which I would also recommend my family and friends to go.. Will go there anytime I come to Marmaris... Ps. When having fillings it didn't hurt at all so if you are afraid of dentist and the pain which you might have experiences earlier, don't be, they take their time and make sure you are in safe hands and trust me, you are..:-)) My visit to this clinic has been very good.. and have been many times..:-)) and planning to make a visit again when I return to Mrm.. Everything is clean and light.. staff so friendly and you feel wellcome.. .-))